Maintenance Mechanic

Company Name:
Position is responsible for repairing and installing production/manufacturing equipment. Inspects equipment for proper functioning and performs preventative maintenance duties, per manufacturer's specifications. Diagnoses equipment malfunctions and makes repairs or adjustments, as needed. Must have own hand tools. This position requires continuous work near heat, noise, gas, chemicals; and frequent lifting, climbing, standing, walking, crouching, squatting, bending and kneeling. PRIMARY ACOUNTABILITIES:
- Perform preventative maintenance on assigned line
- Repair all production equipment as needed
- Upgrade areas with new equipment/technology; work with outside contractors working on assigned line
- Change line for package changeovers
Basic Qualifications
- 18 years or older
- Pass the drug test
- Pass the background check
- Knowledge of hydraulics
- Knowledge of pneumatics
- Knowledge of power transmission
- Troubleshooting mechanical breakdowns (for example, pinpointing and repairing problems associated with high speed manufacturing line breakdowns)
- Working with hydraulic systems (for example, understanding high-pressure cylinders, pumps, or valves and reading schematics and using for troubleshooting in high-speed manufacturing)
- Working with pneumatics (for example, working with solenoids, cylinders, or motor brakes and reading schematics and using for troubleshooting in high speed manufacturing)
- Working with electrical systems (for example, working with high voltage, installation, frequency drive experience, motor testing, troubleshooting, or panels in high speed manufacturing)
- Working with Programmable Logic Controllers -- PLC (for example, understanding instructions, editing documentation, and/or navigation for A-B PLC-5 and A-B SLC-500)
- Performing preventative maintenance (for example, conducting computerized preventative maintenance check-ups or reading SPC charts and data)
- Line manufacturing support systems (ozone generation, line/lube delivery, chemical delivery, ingredient delivery, PH house)
- Conveyors and airveyors (air cylinders, diverters, sensors, motor/speed control/VFDs) This position will work Tuesday through Saturday

Don't Be Fooled

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